Renee Dixon

Position: Personal Assistant (PA) to the Vicar


To support the ministry of the vicar by ensuring administration tasks, including reviewing incoming emails, are carried out efficiently releasing him to lead the spiritual ministry of the church.  She  also serves as secretary to the PCC, Executive Group and the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. 

 or Telephone icon 01604 628623

Hours of work: Mon to Weds 8.30-4pm

Having lived in South Africa for 27 years, I returned to the UK with my husband Tim in 2007 and we quickly set about finding ourselves a Christian fellowship in which to worship and serve. We happily found our spiritual home at St Giles quite soon and have enjoyed worshipping and serving here for the past 12 years. Finding work in 2007 (credit crunch year) was not easy for either of us. I ended up in the local County Council, one of the few employers who genuinely does not practice “ageism,” and for the next 8 years worked alongside Social Services in Child Protection.  Then, by the grace of God, the opportunity came up to apply for this post which I have now held for 2 years. I count it a blessing to work in a team of dedicated fellow Christians.

Tim and I have two lovely children, now both young adults. Our daughter lives and works in Adelaide and our son in Oxford. Neither is married and we are in a small minority of people our age who have no grandchildren. We pray that it will not always be so.

My hobbies are cycling, hiking, tennis, gardening, sewing and having friends around to dinner. I love the summer and dread the winter for obvious reasons. We are so grateful to be able to return to sunny South Africa with regularity to see family and friends.