Keith Davidson

Keith Davidson - Lay ReaderPosition: Lay Reader


Readers are lay people who have been selected, trained and licensed by the Bishop of a diocese to preach, teach and lead worship in a pastoral context.

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Keith is a retired solicitor, having practised in Northampton for over 40 years.  He is married with a daughter, 2 step daughters, a step son and 6 grandchildren. From 1965 to 2000 he was elected  to represent the Diocese first on the Church Assembly and then on the General Synod which superseded it. As a consequence of being elected to serve on the governing body of the Church of England Keith also serves on all the bodies below the General Synod - Diocesan Synod for Peterborough diocese, Deanery Synod for Northampton and the Parochial Church Council of St Giles. He has also served on the Vacancy in See committee which advises on the appointment of bishops.

He was also a Borough Councillor for 7 years and is a Trustee of the Manna House Christian bookshop in St Giles Street, a Trustee of the Northampton Municipal Church Charity and its associated charities for many years and lastly a Trustee of the Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust.

Keith enjoys visiting country houses and walking his dog.

Keith Davidson relaxing in an armchair looking happy

Keith enjoying a special occasion