Summer Programme 2021

As we enter into our Summer Season at St Giles we will continue to gather all generations together to worship God as a family.

Summer is often a time of REST, RENEWAL and REFLECTION: We will be resting in God’s grace as we discover more about rooting ourselves in the love of Jesus and being content in Him. We will be renewing our relationships with each other as The Body of Christ in person…. (There will be picnics in Becket’s Park for everyone after the services) and we will be reflecting on what we have lost and gained this year. All in the context of worshipping our gracious and compassionate God.

For our Summer teaching series we will be looking at the book of Philippians and ‘The Secret of Contentment’

In spite of being confined and contained, in need, hungry, cut off from fellowship, suffering hardship and even punishment, Paul could say that he had learned the secret of being content in any and every situation… and this was possible through Christ who gave him strength. In this letter, we draw out the underlying gems, the nuggets, the themes in the text which marked out Paul’s life and gave His life purpose, stability and security and led to joy, peace and contentment.

What's on this summer?


Everyone welcome to join us at Becket's Park after the morning service every Sunday during the summer (weather permitting).

Bring your picnic, blanket and a game! We'll be near the 'snail' at the top of the park.

On 25th July, 8th and 22nd August games will be arranged so come along and join in the fun!

Sunday Evening Services  

We will be gathering together in person for evening worship from 11th- 25th July at 7pm exploring the same themes as the morning.

You are so welcome to join us as we rest in God’s presence, reflect on his word and rediscover what it means to worship him in one space.

Please book your seat on ChurchSuite by clicking on the St Giles image to the left.
New Wine 29th July – 2nd August

St Giles New Wine United
Breaks-Out (UBO) Programme!

St Giles will be linking in with New Wine offering some of the activities and events in church and online.

For more information and to book your place, please take a look at the programme
we are promoting at St Giles by CLICKING HERE.

Briefly it comprises:

Family Breakfast on Friday 30th at 9am in Church.  To book please CLICK HERE.

Luminosity for older children on Saturday in the Church Centre. To book please CLICK HERE.

Online Evening Celebration at 7pm on Fri 30th and Sat 31st at 7pm (no need to book).

Sunday Morning and Evening Celebration at 11am and 7pm in Church. To book please CLICK HERE.

Gourmet Soup and Sandwich Lunch on Sunday at 12.30pm. To book CLICK HERE.

For more information on the wider New Wine programme, please CLICK HERE.